Print campaign by Ysabel Cacho and Lesia Gribbin

The Keepsake Project

The 2018 US Young Lions Competition challenged us to create awareness of the Jack & Jill Late Stage Foundation (JAJF) with digital and print platforms for potential contributors.

When cancer strikes, it affects the whole family, not just the sick parent. The Jack & Jill Late Stage Foundation (JAJF) is a program designed to help families address the elephant in the room: cancer. JAJF treats families to a “time out” from terminal cancer with the help of the funds raised by donors. The challenge of the 2018 US Young Lions Competition was to create awareness for JAJF through digital and print platforms to recruit sponsor families.



Partner JAJF with GoPro to create The Keepsake Project, which allows families to capture their time together and sponsor families to feel the impact of their donation through a live itinerary. GoPro videos will allow the sponsors to experience movement, dialogue, facial expressions, and ultimately a more authentic and emotional response.

The Keepsake Project is an initiative that encourages potential donors to adopt a JAJF family. The adopted family gets to Share the Wow! With their sponsor through a digital itinerary made up of live videos and photos that live on The Keepsake Project microsite. At the end of the “time out,” both families will receive a hero video created by Go Pro.

Copywriter: Ysabel Cacho, Art Director: Carla Prato