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Blood Equality

Imagine being turned way from donating blood simply because of whom you love. This is the sad reality for gay and bisexual men in America.According to the FDA's current blood policy, gay and bisexual men are not allowed to donate blood unless they've been celibate for a year. 615,000 pints of blood are turned away each year– blood that could help save the lives of so many people. Together with the Gay Men's Health Crisis, Blood Equality is a project aimed to stop discrimination and change the FDA's current policy through social media, press conferences at City Hall, and guerrilla ads.


At the 2016 Pride Parade in New York City, Blood Equality wanted to show everyone just how much "gay blood" is turned away by filling dumpsters with over hundreds of thousands pints of (fake) blood.


On World Blood Donation Day, Blood Equality held a press conference outside New York City Hall to spread awareness on the FDA's policy.


Through social media, Blood Equality aims to raise awareness about the blood ban and encourage users to engage and use their voice to make a difference.