Gum moochers, beware! Extra Gum's More For Me campaign came from the idea that our target audience (aged 13-18 years old) don't like sharing their pice of gum with moochers. The campaign will help deter moochers from taking gum and protecting your pack.


Art, Copy, & Gum Typography (we used real gum!): Rebecca Antonucci, Ysabel Cacho and Paige Cano


Victims of gum mooching get to call out the moochers by tagging them in a tweet. This content is fed to the microsite and the Hall of Shame. If the moocher confesses, both the moocher and the person who called them out will receive a prize pack from the brand (free gum & trick products i.e., shock gum, camo gum, & soundproof wrapper.)


The microsite aims to unite both moochers and the people that call them out. There will be an excuse generator, a moochers hall of shame, tips and trick, quizzes, and highlight of the different Extra Gum products.