Art Director: Stefanie Gomez Copywriter: Ysabel Cacho

Motion Graphics: Mark McCallum and Chase Hochstatter

Voice Over: Justine Beauchamp Voice Recording: Filipe Messeder

Kid: Adeline Delashmet


Challenge: Without technology, kids complain they're bored and there's nothing to do. They have become consumers and not creators.

Insight: Spark children's imaginations using everyday items like sticks, boxes and empty toilet paper rolls.

Solution: Toys With No Manual manuals

Caution: Keep within reach of children.

The Manuals

The slickly packaged containers of boxes, sticks, and toilet paper rolls will get the attention of kids and their parents at supermarket checkout lines. Along with these "toys" kids will be able to page through manuals that have story lines on all the possible ways to "use a stick" from magic wands to sword fights.

Front: This wand doubles as a sword. Caution: Keep within reach of children.

Unfold: To some kids, this is just a plain, old, boring stick that came from a plain, old, boring yard. But you and I know that this stick was actually used as a toothpick that belonged to the pig and scary monster that lived in the yard. This was also the same stick used to fight off the monster when he tried to eat you for lunch. And when the sword didn't work, it was used as a wand to work the magic that shrunk him to the size of an ant. Then the stick became the victory flag that you hoisted in the backyard.

Inside: It only looks like a stick but... be a fairy godmother, fight the dragon, drink from a bendy straw, rescue a princess, wave your victory flag, fork, flute

Front: This telescope doubles as a megaphone. Caution: Keep within reach of children.

Unfold:  Running out of toilet paper has never been this fun. You use one side to see what your neighbors are having for dinner. Then you use the other side of the toilet paper roll as a megaphone to tell them (and the entire neighborhood) about the world's greatest discovery. You're holding it in your hands. The toilet roll is also a unicorn horn and the best part is that there isn't a "right" side to use it.

Inside: It only looks like a toilet paper roll... Telescope, "Ladies and gentlemen!", bowl of soup, play a song on a flute, rocket, unicorn horn, "Ahoy there!", draw on it.

Front: This cave doubles as a spaceship. Caution: Keep within reach of children.

Unfold: Don't leave a box out to rot on the sidewalk. You never know when you'll need to use it as a spaceship to blast off and fight off aliens. And when your ship gets struck down in battle and plummets back to the earth, the box makes a great parachute. When you crash-landed on a desert island, you flipped the box over and used it as a boat to sail safely back home.

Inside: It only looks like a box... blast off!, visit your alien friend, Bigfoot's cave, Vrroooom!, pretend you're a turtle, sail away to an island


These interviews, packaged toys, and manuals will lead viewers to a microsite where parents can learn more on how to raise creators and not just consumers.