Pupstarz Rescue is a non-profit rescue organization that provides dogs with a future fur-ever home. They take abandoned dogs from the streets or bad homes and provide them with the help they need so these dogs can get the second chance they deserve. The rescue community is all about giving these guys (human or dog) a second chance at love.

Idea and Concept: Pupstarz Rescue doesn't have an official rescue location– they exist online. The idea of a second chance at love and Pupstarz Rescue’s online hub sounded a lot like online dating. The “Making Second Chances Count” campaign plays off the whole online dating concept— but with dogs. The Pupstarz Rescue mobile app lets users swipe at dog profiles where they can chose to either adopt or foster. The app also features “Puppy Love” testimonials from real Pupstarz rescues.

Real dogs and real stories were used!