There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones who are generally indifferent toward raisins, and the others who find it horredously offensive when raisins pop up in their food. For something as small as a raisin, it can sure make a big deal.

The Idea: The best ingredient for an apology is food, especially if it’s something sweet.


In the form of an open letter, Simply Balanced Raisins apologize for mixing and meddling with people’s food. The print ad leads to a microsite where audiences can choose to accept the apology or not.


If the viewer accepts the apology, they will be led to a microsite that lets them spread the word about raisins by sending out apology notes to their friends. Users also have the option of sending their friends a free box of raisins.

P.S. Real raisins were used for typography.